“Scott is an extremely talented and accommodating photographer who is worth his weight in gold! He will go out of his way to make your work look as complimentary and exceptional as possible.” - Leslie Meyers - Partners 4, Design Minneapolis, MN

"Scott turned what I thought weren’t the best conditions (light, time of day, etc.) into gold. He knows his craft in photography, getting the right angle, the right height, the right composition. I would recommend Scott for anyone looking at upgrading their look, especially in architectural shots." - Phil Stahl Stahl Architects Fargo, ND

"Scott makes simple and beautiful photographs. In doing so he has always managed to make my work appear better than it is, to find the strength of the building or space or texture or light and to draw from it something new, more profound. He is able to capture the vanishing thing and will it back into existence through his work – there are things I see in his photos that I hadn’t seen before and I learn something new about me and my own work in the process. Whenever I want to feel better about my work, I look at Scott’s photographs." - Kevin Flynn EcoDEEP Architecture St. Paul, MN

"Gilbertson Photography was a joy to work with. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for other than our products being shown in a favorable manner and Scott nailed it. The results were incredible and our company quickly decided to use the photos in a national advertisement. I'd highly recommend Gilbertson Photography to anyone." - Daniel Nicely Director of Market Development Umicore Building Products - North America Raleigh, NC

“We’ve really had a great experience working with Scott Gilbertson to photograph several of our projects. Scott is very personable, flexible, and creative in how he approaches his work. Some photographers can be a bit touchy and protective with how they choose to shoot a project…like some architects, I suppose. But Scott is both very collaborative when necessary, yet comfortable being left to his own devices to figure out how to photograph a building to show it off at its best. Scott is an architect, so he speaks our language and knows what we’re looking for in a set of images. He understands differences in scale – capturing overall shots as well as salient details – and often insists on providing images in a variety of lighting conditions – including night shots. He’s prompt and efficient, and provides an abundance of final images to choose from. We’ve always enjoyed working with him, and we’re anxious to build more so we can do so more in the future.” - Michael Roehr & Chris Schmitt RoehrSchmitt Architecture, LLC Minneapolis, MN